The team behind newlylabs_logo_yellow_small2

Bennett Kleinberg

Founder and Head of Development

Bennett is the founder of newlylabs. He has studied at University College London (MSc Crime Science) and the University of Amsterdam (BSc Psychological Methods). He is currently doctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam . His research has been published in leading journals like Science and PlosOne. 

“Newlylabs was founded as a tool for our own research. We wanted to push the boundaries of current methodologies in experimental research. As there was no tool available, we began writing the applications for ourselves. From this newlylabs was born to share our tools with other researchers.”

Through his research and personal interest he is working with several programming languages on a daily basis including R, Python and JavaScript. Bennett coordinates and oversees all projects, is the primary contact for researchers, and gives final approval to all code.

He lives in Amsterdam.


Email: bennett@newlylabs.net

Maximilian Mozes

Server-side Engineer

Max is an informatics/computer science student at the Technical University of Munich. At the moment he is also working with SugarCRM, a Silicon Valley based CRM company with headquarters in Cupertino, California.

“It’s a great pleasure to be part of the newlylabs developer team as this is a place that generates solid and extremely innovative research solutions. The opportunity to be part of a developer team that is at the heart of next-generation research technologies is a great incentive for hard work. I am happy to be a decisive part in this development.”

His range of programming languages and his hands-on experience with the most advanced back-end technologies make Max an ideal developer for newlylabs. His expertise lies in jQuery, HTML5, CSS, AngularJS, php and especially NodeJS. One of his core responsibilities at newlylabs is the transition from php to NodeJS and the development of our new back-end infrastructure.

He currently lives in Munich.

Email: max@newlylabs.net