How we change research

With newlylabs we want nothing less than pioneer less constrained research: we want to introduce web-research as complement to the laboratory.

It is all about your research and we build the research tasks for you: the platforms you want, the tasks you want, the layout you want.

This is how we change research:


Types of tasks

  • Reaction time tasks
  • Approach-avoidance tasks
  • Visually demanding stimulus presentation tasks
  • Game-like tasks
  • Decision making tasks

Novel tasks

Create research tasks that are novel and have not been developed before. Begin a new research paradigm in your field with carefully validated and researched experiments that embrace the next generation of research from the beginning.

First-hand expertise

We have begun newlylabs because our own web research was a success and made many other research curious. Since research is the essence of what we do, we want to bring our web research framework to all those who are interested in embracing novel directions of research.

All team members are researchers themselves and have collected data in laboratories and web research. They are published researchers whose work has appeared in leading scientific journals.

This website is also intended to provide papers, discussions, and new directions in web research. You can find all this in a new section within short time.

Unlimited support and contact

We could mention a contact number or support chat to emphasise that we offer support if there are questions or problems. But we think this should be a given rather than a service we offer. You can expect to hear from us within a couple of hours. Most problems and requests are solved within a day. Otherwise we will tell you and discuss everything with you. We can accompany your project how you want: whether it's just the development of your task in a one-time project, or a longer term collaboration for multiple experiments, or even the teaching of your staff or yourself in the use of your new tasks.


It is most of the time difficult to answer a research question with one experiment. This is why we are happy to continue our collaboration how you want it. Whether you want to develop follow-up experiments, comparison studies, or want us to help you set up your own website with first-class online presentation and your own research platform, just contact us.

Web applications

  • Run your research in all common web-browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge (to replace Internet Explorer), Opera, etc.
  • Run on mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Firefox OS)
  • Use cutting-edge platforms like smart watches

Functionality and form

We have a number of designers that are happy to help you give your task a nice design. Our focus, however, is always in functionality. In this way we could confidently say that form follows functionality. We see design as important but not essential.

Research with researchers

The main statement of newlylabs is to do research with researchers. We are not a traditional business in that we work focused exclusively on research and re-invest all what we would earn in our own research. This research will appear on this website to provide you with most recent insights into this novel field. The money we ask for developing your research with you is basically just to compensate our costs. It's more about research than anything else.

Unique, outstanding projects

All projects we work on are different. Our aim is to develop the experimental tasks that do justice to complex research questions. If you want to do a survey study, we can do that, but you could just as well use commercial alternatives. If you have a unique idea and an interesting research task, that's when you should contact us. The more complex and challenging the research project and experimental task, the more intrigued we are and the more interesting the collaboration will be. 

Limited by ideas

The limit of what research can do should lie within the ideas, not within the tools. That said, we are looking forward to hear from your project and will always offer an honest overview of what we can do.


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