Introducing the all new newlylabs

We have very exciting news. First of all, the newlylabs website has been redesigned completely and looks more like newlylabs. We have added more about our technologies, have outlines some case studies, and created a section with (hopefully) helpful resources around experimental online research. We also created a logo that we think fits well with what we do and looks nice.

Here it is: newlylabs_logo_yellow_medium

Secondly, and this is even more important, newlylabs has a new team member: Maximilian Mozes. We are very happy, that Max works with us since he brings invaluable back-end expertise and work experience with Silicon Valley-based companies.

Thirdly, we have worked extensively on the next step of our research portfolio which we cannot wait to use in new projects: mobile memory detection. This project is still in a beta-version but will be tested in the wild for the very first time on the upcoming Decepticon conference at the University of Cambridge. We will post the findings of this here and make the data available for those who are interested.

Moreover: we have finished three larger projects with the universities in Würzburg, Ghent, and Amsterdam and are currently in the last steps of a project with the Forensic Science Laboratory of the police in Japan.

All updates and information can be found here in the next weeks. If you wish, please add yourself to the our updates list.

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