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If we had to introduce ourselves in a few paragraphs, it would be something like this:


The very heart of our idea and animo is research. By this we mean that we aim to further research conducted in a range of fields by extending research methodologies to the best available web-research techniques. We also mean that we ourselves conduct research to validate and improve the research methodologies that we use with your research. We think that only if we re-consider our techniques and contribute to the research on web-research tools, we can confidently say that we are in favour of progressive research developments. Our main motivation is to take research to the next and necessary step  - and we conduct rigorous experimental research to continuously improve ourselves.


As research is our core activity and interest, it may not surprise that we pride ourselves with being a research developer of highest quality. There are two features that we emphasis anyway: accuracy and reliability. When we develop methodologies and online research instruments with you, out first and most important rule is to write code and deliver a research task that is absolutely reliable and as accurate as possible. We cannot guarantee any validity of your research as this is not inherent to the research tool but rather a matter of your research design. Working with us, however, you will be able to rely on tools and instruments that perform the task you want them to perform reliably and accurately.

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Progress through innovation

Conducting your research via the web is not only an innovative approach as it addresses the shortcomings of laboratory studies. More importantly even, it is an invaluable contribution to how we conduct research today and in the future. We think that the quality of scientific progress crucially depends on how we researchers deal with flaws in statistically underpowered studies, lack of sample diversity, non-dynamic snap-shot experiments, and openness and replicability of research. We hope that we will be able to contribute to solutions to these pressing questions - together with you.

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... well, we are.