How about the price?

We do not intend to ask for prices that wouldn’t fit into a researchers budget and we are aware that we could earn more money with this if we were not working for the sake of research. Each project is different and it depends on the complexity and innovation of your research ideas how long we need for it and how much work it is. We will give you an honest price before you agree to work with us or not depending on your project. We are so honest about this that we will stick to this price in any circumstance. This makes it calculable for you and us.


Who are newlylabs?

Newlylabs was founded in 2015 by Bennett Kleinberg after he worked as scientific developer/programmer for the University of Amsterdam, Ghent University, University of Würzburg, and Hebrew University Jerusalem. During this work, he has developed a range of cutting-edge online research frameworks that resulted in a number of publications. At the moment, he is postgraduate student at University College London and will continue his PhD in Computational Geography at the University of Leeds. Our other team members are all postgraduate students at leading universities in Europe who have both an affinity with research and important skills in programming.

What does the name newlylabs stand for?

 a) We think it is a nice name for innovative research development.
 b) We do not like the name at all but the domain was available.
 c) Two of our team members are newlyweds and thought this was the perfect name.
 d) Nothing special really. We just think it fits.
It’s a) and d)  😉 

How is this different from other software that has web-support?

This is important as there a crucial differences. First, it costs you less because you do not need to buy extensive licensing packages from us and we do not end our support with your project after the project is delivered. Second, the participants in your research are more likely to actually participate. This is because our framework (link) does to depend on plug-ins the user needs to install to run web-versions of laboratory software. In fact, this was the very reason why we began developing research tools in this framework.

How do I compensate you for your work?

As outlined above, we want to further progress research rather than creating a cash-cow that does very little to actually address the pressing problems in research. We will discuss the project with you, will discuss it internally, and will then name you a price. This price comes without any payment plans or monthly subscriptions or licenses - because we do not need them. There is one price, that's it. The fact that we have worked in this field successfully, makes us confident that you will be satisfied with our work. If not, you should not pay us.

Can’t I do all this myself?

We think you can. We do in fact think that anybody can learn anything. But we also find that learning to write the code takes time and persistence. If you think you can do your project yourself or have a student or colleague to do this, we appreciate this. In fact, we would be interested in that person because we can use a new colleague in our team.

How long does it take for my project to be completed?

It depends on two things: first, how complex is your project, that is how many new developments does it include, how much detail to you want for the graphical interface, and do you want it for web-browsers only or also for mobile applications implementations. Second, it depends on our current workload. In any case, we will give you an honest estimate of time and experience has shown that we can beat our own deadlines.

How good is online research?

If good research is research that elucidates important questions and powers our knowledge, it is very good. We think online research how we do it is the future of research because it takes away the constraints of laboratory research without compromising in quality. We are more than happy to discuss it with you and also refer to published work on that matter. In fact, research developed by newlylabs has received great attention and has shown that many presumptions about online research are uninformed rather than empirical.

What do you do with the money you earn?

We are quite different from a classical profit-driven business. First, we want to ask a price that is fair for you and us. Second, we mainly take the money to cover our costs, that is the equipment we need, to pay for our coffee and lunch during programming, and to pay for room rent and occasional travels to discuss projects. Everything that we have as sur-plus will be invested in our own research.

Is my research suited for newly labs?

Our quick answer is “yes”. We think so because our experience has shown that the limitations of online research are few and mostly overestimated. The fact that we work without any drag-and-drop software but programme your research tasks “from scratch” means that we are as flexible as your research ideas.

Can I not hire just any freelance-programmer?

Every programmer has invested much more time and effort in learning his/her skills than he earns at early stages for these skills. If you think that the development of your new research should not be more expensive than a bus ticket to your university or if you think that you do not need a researchers that develop your task, we are happy to advise you on website where you can find skilled programmers as freelancers.

What if I want to continue my research with this framework?

Being researchers ourselves, we agree that no research is done with a single experiment, so we do not limit our work with you to single projects (unless you want, of course). Our aim is to provide highest quality research development for as long as you need it. We would also encourage anyone to contact us who wants to learn from our developers. By providing a documentation to each task we programmed, we want to empower you to use our developments in the future even if you do not want to continue working with us.

Why should I prefer you over the big players in web-research?

This is simple: we do not see ourselves as targeting the same group of researchers. If you merely want to collect survey data with a few drop-down menus and sliders, maybe standardised software from commercial websites is better for you. We can of course do that, but what we are really interested in is developing existing or novel tasks for web-research. The more complex and unique your project, the more the challenge for us, and the more interesting the project. We are a small "business" and intend to continue our philosophy of developing highly specific research tasks.

I want to know something else…

No problem. Contact us via this form. If you agree after we replied, we'll add this question to this section - without mentioning your name of course.