We are interested in your research

We want to take research to the next level. This is why we are interested to hear from your research and discuss any ideas and possibilities to implement our web-research framework in to your research.


Here is an outline of how we approach new projects:

  1. There is an initial contact by researchers like you who want to know more about what we can do and propose some ideas. If you are interested already, here's a way to contact us and receive a response from us within a day.
  2. We will reply to you quickly and propose a more detailed contact. This can be via Skype, via phone, or in person. We are based in the UK but are happy to meet you at your home university or institute.
  3. The aim is to discuss with you what you want in detail and what we can and cannot do. Although we are confident that there are very few limitations, we will mention them when we see them.
  4. If you and us agree to pursue the project further in our framework, we will internally develop an elaborate overview consisting of:
    • a summary of the project's main aim
    • a detailed timeline of us developing your research task
    • recap how we understood the requirements of your research task
    • contact details of all developers, editors, and designers that work on your project
    • a price
  5. If you think we are a good fit for your research, we will begin immediately and keep you up-to-date with the development of your research task.
  6. Once we have a working beta version, we will send it to you and discuss you comments and thoughts on it
  7. From this stage on we will be in touch more frequently: we will re-adjust the task until it fits with your ideas
  8. To walk the talk of high research quality, we have developed a unique testing procedure that tests your task to its limits and helps us identify any weak points or limitations.
  9. Together with you, we will begin piloting the task to test it in the field
  10. Once all the needed variables are collected as wished, we start data collection - all under your immediate supervision and within your control
  11. To finalise the project, we will provide you with a detailed package on your research
  12. After some days of re-energising after the successful completion of your project, we would love to start our next project with you

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